Wait I paid $40 for what…

Having your hopes up only for a doctor to not validate your pain and worries. Well that’s the absolute worse. Now I see that not every doctor is understanding  of what Ehlers-Danlos really means. I mean I got an x-ray. Nothing wrong there which is good. But the doctor spent a whole 2 minutes with me. To basically say I’m not lax in my thumb. Even though I’m like I am because I have Ehlers-Danlos. Not everyone is able to push their thumb down to their wrist believe me I’ve proved to people by doing that and seeing them try and then fail.

So now I’m apparently not lax in my hand joints except I am. And it’s “just a sprain” and I should ice it and wear a brace and come back in a month if it’s not better. Even though I’ve been doing just that icing and wearing a brace already so like now what????



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