Sometimes You Need to Treat Yourself

Dealing with thumb pain and wearing a brace 24/7 especially on your dominant hand. For me I enjoy painting my nails and with not being able to grasp anything with your thumb then painting your nails is out of the question.

Go get a manicure!! I mean I would have naturally chose to save money and ask my sister to do them but she isn’t home so next best thing is going to a salon. I even got gel done so that It’d last longer due to my constant and immense amount of pain and tingling in my thumb and now pain in my wrist.

But what I mean that when having an invisible illness that tires you and affects your joints it can be hard to tell yourself you deserve anything when you feel like crap. Even if it’s not getting a manicure, buy yourself a new shirt, fuzzy socks, sweater, Christmas decoration, or anything that you feel makes you happy. And if you don’t really want to spend on yourself and if you have an amazing mom who does literally everything for her buy her something.

And if not then watch movies you wanna and get a pizza and some ice cream. And get your heated blanket and chill out and treat not only yourself but your joints.


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