I try not to be too much…

But sometimes I feel like I am. Like when people want to know me they might regret asking what’s wrong.

What’s wrong?


I complain about my joints hurting like I am 50 years old. My knees, feet, hip, wrist, back,and neck. My depression and anxiety. Although that’s any age.

Wellyou asked what’s wrong.

People are what’s wrong. I recently had a group of college people I was friends with. Well not close. But like we hung out. Texted and the wanted to know me. Then rather than tell me they don’t want to be my friend. They get me alone and start telling me that because I’m introverted I am insecure. That they talked about me and came to the conclusion i am unhappy with my life. That I am apparently jealous of their boyfriends/significant other because they took me not joining in on their conversation as well me being jealous. Even though all I was doing was sitting on my phone relaxing. They told me I am not confident. The guy made an insinuation that I am a slut. That I need a boyfriend.

I ended up going to the bathroom crying for 10 minutes. It felt like forever.

Of course those people are no longer my friends for obvious reasons above.

You wanted to be my friend but rather than saying I’m too much you bully me and act like we are in middle school. You wanted to know me. The only regret on my part was thinking you deserved to know me.

Sidenote: I am doing better now. I still have classes with them. But I am not there to be friends or baby anyone. I am there to get my associates degree in early Childhood education to help kiddos.

To anyone else who is being bullied or has trouble making friends due to chronic pain. I am here. I will talk. You are not alone in this fight. We are ehlers danlos warriors.


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