Can You Repeat that?

Often times when someone says something ignorant all I can think is “can you repeat that?”While I am aware that people feel the need to correct the person or say to me “well why didn’t you say…?” And usually it’s because I am in shock. I am shocked that we humans have become so ignorant and close minded that it’s not even worth responding to that person to educate them.

So why am I talking about this whole ignorant thing. Well i’m glad you asked. So the other day in my College English Class we talked about pet peeves and if you could kill someone over the smallest pet peeve what would it be? Well mine is hearing people chew but like who doesn’t like the sound of that. Then comes my professor he says if he could kill someone over the smallest pet peeve it’d be people who use handicap things that aren’t handicap. He said and I quote “Unless your in a wheelchair like the picture shows don’t use it.You may as well have lazy written all over your forehead.” Specifically he was talking about using handicap buttons on doors.

Now I know you’re probably like well why does this bother you? Well it bothers me because being a zebra and having an invisible illness I have found myself using them because of my recent wrist surgery and new finger/joint pain. Now I don’t use a wheelchair but to assume that someone who is using it is lazy is quite simply ignorant to the idea that you don’t have to be in a wheelchair to be handicapped or disabled or whatever. And yest I took it kind of personally because he let us go on a break and I stood at a the bathroom door debating whether to just open the door normally and risk immense finger pain or use the button and avoid it all together. I looked around kind of paranoid to see if anyone was going to say something then pressed it and snuck in. So what now I have to be in a wheelchair to prove myself.

So now you see I didn’t say anything in class because I was on the verge of crying.  I know many in the EDS community believe in educating others but my god if I did that I would be late to everything and never get anywhere.

I am working on telling myself now that I am allowed to use these things even if I am not in a wheelchair.


One thought on “Can You Repeat that?

  1. squidgeaboo says:

    Wow, yeah. I could see how that would make you uncomfortable. I remember the dirty looks I used to get for taking the elevator up one floor and was almost happy when my walking deteriorated so I’m obviously disabled now. Sigh.

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