I am alive

I haven’t posted for a while. And while I apologize I have some excellent news. I am no longer in my splint and I don’t have to do physical therapy for my wrist as having EDS has given me my whole range of motion back already.

I also haven’t posted for a while because I have started my nail Instagram where I post everything nail related. And while currently I am attempting to grow my nails out which is working I still have been putting a lot of my focus and energy into that.

I also have been trying to get back into the groove  of school of taking notes with my hand and i took my first test last week by myself and wrote it all on my own. I was really proud and stressed out even though I knew the material really well.

I will be going from this class to two summer classes which I am oddly excited about. They are my general education classes. But like there is something very satisfying about being like yes I am doing all this stuff even with all my limitations and constant exhaustion.

Then in the fall I am going to nail tech school!!! I am soooo excited about it. But let me explain. While yes my goal in the end is to be a teacher paying out of pocket for ccac has proven to be slightly straining but satisfying all the same. But I have found such a love for something I have always deeply loved. It’s a four month program and I would likely go right into working at a salon which there are a ton of around where I live. And I would make side cash that would help pay for college and possible better rent able place for my mom and I to live in.

So yes I am going to be a teacher eventually. In the meantime I am going to focus on getting my nail license and eventually do people’s nails and make money.


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