You Have to Learn to Be Okay with Putting Yourself First

There are certain times or events in your life that you must be like I am putting myself first and that’s it. While I know it’s easier said than done. When it comes to dealing with selfish people in my life who take what is happening to me and turn it into “woe me” for them well let’s just say I tend to lose my temper even with all that deep breathing. 

Not everyone understands that you don’t want to sit there and listen to all about them while you’re dealing with say a looming future surgery. For me anytime I say I feel nervous or anxious about my future surgery I get the typical response of them twisting it into something else like “oh she misses me so much” or “I’m so upset about it too” which believe me I might miss you and believe me I know you might also be upset too but that’s not the point of me saying “I’m nervous.”The point of me saying
“I’m nervous about my surgery”, is that I am not sure how to handle my bad nervous energy and I need emotional support. Not the other way around where yes “I’m nervous” but that doesn’t mean I have the mental ability to help support you emotionally.  While I know that I am strong because I’ve had six other surgeries that doesn’t mean I want to hear you complain about how you feel about my surgery and make it about yourself. 

When someone like me who is on to their seventh surgery I want emotional support from people and not me giving you emotional support.  

More importantly the lesson with having a chronic illness is that you have to be okay with putting yourself first emotionally and physically. It’s hard because I’m constantly seeing other’s around me need me but I can’t even really support myself emotionally right now so supporting someone else is such a far fetch idea sometimes.  While there is no easy way to put yourself first without risking losing other people in the process if those people are good they will be willing to try to understand your situation and try to stick around and help you. 

Only when you feel that yes you can help your friend or family member without hurting yourself is when you know you’re okay. Helping someone can be good but if it stresses you out it can hurt you more than help the other person in the long run.  

Helping yourself isn’t being selfish it’s putting your priories in order and realizing that if you help someone else with an issue they are having you may be risking your own health both physically and mentally when really all you can offer that person is just being there for them. 

Because sometimes all a person truly needs is to know that you’re there for them and willing to stick around for a long time. 


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