I have to get surgery…again

The difference this time I won’t be on crutches! Which is sort of a positive way for me to look at this not so fun situation. I am getting surgery on my wrist because I have a TFCC tear which is the tendon that stabilizes the wrist together. Which means I can’t write for 4 to 6 weeks and typing will be limited. Which is why right now I haven’t really been on posting because my pain is so bad.

Although good news to those who are following me I have this new typing thing that I can speak and it types what I say. So I may still be able to post more often and keep you guys updated as I go through the procedure and then physical therapy.

It isn’t so much hard to tell everyone as much as it is hard to walk into the same place I got some of my other surgeries before. I hate hospitals but I hate the feeling and smells of them.

I thought I got over my last thing where I used to get extremely nauseous from the smell of hand sanitizer except that didn’t last long as it’s back now.

I don’t even know what else to say at this point. So have a good day!



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