Dealing with Carpal Tunnel Due to Traumatic Injury

I went to a general orthopedic doctor. She came in and said I know you went to a surgeon already but I also know you’re here for a second opinion so that’s why I’m starting from scratch not off of his notes. I then explain my pain and symptoms and how thy came to be from opening a pill bottle causing a crack and likely what became carpal tunnel syndrome. She tapped my wrist asking if this increases my symptoms of tingling and it did. She tapped on my wrist again a little over and it caused tingling again. She goes “you definitely have carpal tunnel syndrome due to traumatic injury”.

She then gave me a game plan of giving me a better brace,getting an MRI,and getting an EMG. Then go back for a followup visit and come to some sort of decision of whether I need surgery to release pressure on the median nerve.

Having answers and having someone listening to you is the most amazing feeling. Because after having a surgeon tell me I’m not loose in my joints and my pain is obviously just that of a sprain   You begin to feel like maybe I am crazy and maybe my pain isn’t real. But then I kept waking up at 1 am leading up to my new appointment. I was sleep deprived and exhausted and in pain.

Now I am on gabopentin/neurotin to help with nerve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. Good news is it lasts 24 hours. Bad news it makes me hella tired. I mean I sleep through the night but during the day I’m also super tired and drowsy.

Just need to hang in there a little longer.


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