Some tips I have for dealing with pain 24/7 this winter time

I don’t know about you but when winter comes my joints make me feel horrible and I feel all stiff all the time. 

-So first tip I have is buy yourself a heated blanket I got one from Santa and oh my gosh it’s so fabulous. All my joints sing out thank you to me while I have it on. Well not really but you’ll be glad you got one of those especially if you are outside for any extended period of time like for me I have to walk my dog and I come straight home put it on and ah yes relief. The heated blanket I got is BIDDEFORD Blanket. I got if from Kohls and I got the twin size (because it was cheaper). I’m sure you can find some on amazon or any department store really.

-I also would recommend a heating pad. They’re great for back pain and if you just need to relax. They are also good for neck pain if you’re like me and always get a stiff and sore neck because my head is so heavy from holding worthless information about dogs, chocolate, and movies. Just kidding..well sort of. Anyway as of right now the heating pad I have is one of those cheap ones you get from the drug store which aren’t terrible but aren’t like worth any sort of recommendations. Again I’d probably look to amazon to see some heating pads. Also look for ones that have good reviews because you want one that will last you and do exactly what you want it to do.

-I also recommend getting both slippers for wearing around the house so you don’t fall. Or those slipper socks with sticky things on the bottom. Below are the slippers I have they have good support and are super comfy and cute. 🙂 I also have these slipper socks they are super fluffy on the inside and have little sticky dots on the bottom to keep you from falling.


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