Being tied down due to anything sucks. Being told you shouldn’t do yoga because your joints might fall apart is like well that’s fine but like what about walking? Oh ya walking is fine in fact you should walk a lot. Except like if you’re like me and have EDS you’ve probably injured yourself just by walking. For me I’ve injured myself by walking twice. And all things considered I’m surprised It isn’t more(knock on wood).

I always saw what others were able to do physically and was so envious of them. They could run and walk without injuring themselves. All I could do was smile politely when people told me how they broke their toe in high school once while I was recovering from my second foot surgery.

For me learning that I don’t have to run or heavy lift things didn’t mean I couldn’t do other things. I learned that the hard way  through lots of therapy and time committed to learning to loving my new self and new body that was always changing. I saw that I had an incredible ability to feel for other people who is why I guess people felt the need to tell  me about whatever ailment they were going through or went through both physically and mentally.  I was also able to tell when it was going to rain because my knees were the radar for rain or snow. If I want someone to stop annoying me I’d start cracking some part of my body that most people can’t and usually they’d stop. 

I have this strong love of birds. They can fly and they are limitless in the vast sky. I got a tattoo of a bird on my right shoulder after having injured it and done therapy on it. I felt it reminded my that despite my six surgeries and constant pain and new injuries that I was limitless and this life is mine to choose where to fly to.


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